Revezzo Coaching Citation

At the DeceVezmber 2015 meeting of the OHSSL Executive Committee, a motion was passed to modify the John Revezzo Coaching Citation.

After implementing the original Revezzo Coaching Citation process, the Executive Committee discovered flaws with the means of awarding points towards conferring Revezzo Coaching Citations.

As a result, a more simplified approach will be taken:  The coach of the State Champion entry in each event at the State Tournament will have his/her accomplishments recognized with a Revezzo Coaching Citation Plaque.

All along, the concept of the Revezzo Coaching Citation was to recognize coaches for their contributions to both the League and their teams, in honor of longtime Niles McKinley and OHSSL Hall of Fame Coach John Revezzo.  Vezz has been a fixture of TAB rooms throughout his career, has often been viewed as the authority on rules interpretations, and was a mentor to a multitude of coaches from teams throughout the State.  John Revezzo devoted his Speech & Debate career to supporting and encouraging everyone involved and always finds pride when any of the students or coaches he knows are successful in their pursuits.

As such, the OHSSL Executive Committee firmly believes that recognizing the coaches of State Champions in honor of John Revezzo would be the best way to honor his noteworthy legacy and showcase the accomplishments of several of Ohio’s coaches at the same time.