OHSSL’s “Rep Your Event” Video Contest (2016)

The Ohio High School Speech League is excited to announce a creative opportunity for all current OHSSL student competitors!

Contest Rules & Guidelines:

  • Create a 1-minute video encapsulating what makes your OHSSL competitive event great.  Voiceovers, interviews, and demonstrating the event are all allowed.  There are multiple ways to present your message, but performance clips are encouraged.
  • All videos must be appropriate for public display.  Use discretion.
  • DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winning Entries:

  • All Grand Prize-winning videos (number to be determined by OHSSL Executive Committee, not to exceed one winner per event) will be shown at the State Tournament in Princeton, and their submitters/producers will be recognized at the State Tournament Awards Assembly;
  • Winning entries will be posted to the OHSSL’s YouTube channel (which itself will be “released” with the winning entries of this contest);
  • One of the finalists will win a $100 scholarship, which will be determined at the State Tournament in March 2016.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting a video to this contest, or by assisting with production of a video submitted to this contest, you acknowledge that OHSSL retains the right to use any submitted video, or portions (including still images) thereof, for promotional purposes.

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  We look forward to seeing your creative visions.

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