“So, You Want to Host States, Huh?”

by Melissa Donahue, Mason High School (GMV)

 It was the eve of another OHSSL State Tournament….

 We were set to host over 1,200 competitors, coaches, and judges…. 

Teams would be arriving in less than 24 hours… Competitors were longing to talk to our walls… Only, I hadn’t made a single preparation….

I frantically awoke from a cold sweat the other night, realizing that my nightmarish dream was just that—a dream.

Fortunately, this year’s state tournament responsibilities will be dutifully executed by Alan Bates at Princeton High School, but with the State Finals returning to the Greater Miami Valley district this year, I’ve been reflecting upon my experiences as host in 2009 at Mason. Continue reading “So, You Want to Host States, Huh?”