It’s time to represent.

Rep Your Event 2019 is here.

Contest Rules & Guidelines:

  • Create a 1-minute video encapsulating what makes your OSDA competitive event great.
  • Voiceovers, interviews, and demonstrating the event are all allowed.  There are multiple ways to present your message, but performance clips are encouraged.
  • All videos must be appropriate for public display.  Use discretion.

How to Submit: 

Post your video to YouTube and send a link to the OSDA at

Deadline for Entries:

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Winning Entries:

  • Finalist videos will be voted on via online voting before (and their submitters/producers will be recognized at) the State Tournament Awards Assembly in Canton in March 2019.
  • Finalist entries will be determined by the OSDA Board of Directors.
  • The Grand Prize Winner, who will be determined at the State Tournament in March, will win a $100 scholarship (and be forever recognized as the winning video producer for that year).
  • The OSDA reserves the right to award additional prizes.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting a video to this contest, or by assisting with production of a video submitted to this contest, you acknowledge that OSDA retains the right to use any submitted video, or portions (including still images) thereof, for promotional purposes.

2016 Winning Video: Melissa Liang (Sylvania Southview, TOL)

2017 Winning Video: Amelia Mainzer (Highland, AKR)

2018 Winning Video: Grace Cousens (Laurel School, CLE)

2019 Winning Video: Yours?

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Lights! Camera! Action! We look forward to seeing you represent.