CONTEST: Why Speech & Debate?

Why Speech & Debate?

The Ohio Speech and Debate Association wants to promote the wonderful work that our student-competitors exhibit throughout the year.

And we want YOU to help.

We want student-competitors of The OSDA to create one-minute videos promoting the joys, challenges, and value of being a part of speech and debate.  (What that means is yours/your student’s to convey through the video.)  The target audience is other high-school students who may be considering what extracurricular activities to join.


  • This contest is limited to high-school OSDA student-competitors.
  • There is no limit to how many people can be in the video.
  • Limit those receiving production credit to (no more than) two.
  • DISCLAIMER: By submitting a video for this contest, you knowingly and willfully acknowledge bestowment to The OSDA the rights to, and authority to share, said video for promotional and/or academic purposes solely at its own discretion.


  • Post your video to YouTube and send a link to The OSDA at
  • Include in the email to
    • the first- and last names of (no more than two) student-competitors primarily responsible for filming and editing the video;
    • your school(s) / team affiliation(s);
    • your video’s title (if applicable).


  • TBA


  • Finalist- and champion videos will be selected by The OSDA Board of Directors.
  • The champion video entry will win a $100 scholarship and be recognized at The OSDA State Finals in March, in Canton.  Recognition also will be posted to The OSDA web site.
  • Finalist- and champion video-production information will be publicized.
  • The champion video producer(s) also will be invited to participate in an official OSDA Public Service Announcement to be released in the near future.

We ask you: Why Speech & Debate?  Now is your time to tell us.

Good luck!